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        Name: Baoji Hongyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd
        Address: New Avenue 18 Road,Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Baoji,Shaanxi
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        On the September 2nd morning, the twenty-fifth session of the Western China Commodities Fair opened on the occasion of the Baoji hi tech Zone, Baoji, China 2016 "titanium and life, titanium Valley Forum" project promotion and signing ceremony. The signing ceremony, signed a total of 11 projects, involving living supplies, medical equipment, rare metal recycling, "Internet plus manufacturing and other fields, the total investment of 5 billion 900 million yuan.
        Baoji Municipal People's Government mayor Hui Jincai attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech, he pointed out: titanium is an important strategic metal in twenty-first Century, is also one of the country's key support new material industry. Characteristics of industrial titanium industry as Baoji most advantage, after 50 years of development, has gathered in titanium based metal enterprises more than and 400, 2015 output value of 35 billion yuan, the scale of the industry and the overall strength with high visibility and influence in the country and the world. At present, efforts are being made to promote the application of new technologies and to extend the industrial chain, to accelerate the development of high-end and civilian new products, the development of the industrial cluster of billions of titanium, to create a national new material R & D and production base.
        Hui Jincai said: the activities designed to meet the common "titanium era", to promote the "titanium consumption", "lead titanium life" upgrade "titanium industry", to further deepen exchanges and cooperation and investment, "Baoji? China titanium valley construction to provide project support. Warmly welcome and Baoji city in the technical exchanges, scientific and technological research, product development, industrial cooperation and other areas of depth cooperation, complementary advantages, to build a shared, mutually beneficial and win-win.
        Baoji Municipal Standing Committee, executive vice mayor Ma presided over the signing ceremony, Chinese Academy of Sciences Academician Cao Chunxiao, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office Yang Hangyun and municipal leaders Zhang Jingyuan, Li Ming attended the meeting.



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