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        Name: Baoji Hongyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd
        Address: New Avenue 18 Road,Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Baoji,Shaanxi
        Mobile phone:15332275975
        Phone: 0917-3800816
        Fax: 0917-3969886
        E-mail: hyti@hyti.cn
        Web: http://www.hvchiropracticandwellness.com

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        Since, BaoTi group is the main production base of titanium alloy materials for aviation in China, is a major supplier of titanium alloy for China's large aircraft and new aircraft. In July 6th the domestic large transport transport 20 officially installed units, in July 23rd made a large fire / water rescue amphibious aircraft AG600 assembly line, shortly before China's self-developed large passenger aircraft C919 first aircraft has been and will be the first flight of the assembly line, China into the development of the aviation industry express, leapfrog growth have driven the development of aviation industry the related industrial chain, a high-end demand for titanium metal aviation "said continued growth. At the same time, a major project of national manufacturing industry -- "two machine" special attention, independent research and development of gas turbine aeroengine, adumbrative domestic titanium alloy and superalloy will usher in a huge market demand.
        Participate in the development of China made large aircraft "Three Musketeers" BaoTi Group Co. Ltd. is the largest China in titanium and titanium alloy based professional scientific research base for the production of rare metal, was founded in 1965, with titanium, zirconium, and special metal equipment design and manufacturing of four industrial sectors, formed a relatively complete with rare metal as the main processing industries and industrial chain, not only is the China titanium industry leader, is also an important part of the world titanium industry. BaoTi group has Chinese material preparation and cutting-edge technology to assume new materials more than 8000 production tasks, more than 600 scientific and technological achievements. The domestic aerospace titanium processing material production BaoTi group from 90%. Since, BaoTi group is the main production base of titanium alloy materials for aviation in China, is a major supplier of titanium alloy for China's large aircraft and new aircraft.
        Improve the hard power of equipment
        Equipment level is a concrete manifestation of the hard power of enterprise economy, which is very important for the development of the enterprise. BaoTi group has always been put through technological innovation, enhance the level of equipment as an important way to promote enterprise technological progress. In this process, BaoTi group spirit of "introduction, digestion and improvement" principle, the renewal and transformation of a series of technical equipment, one from Germany and Japan, America, Austria and other countries to introduce a large number of production with the world's advanced level of equipment and testing technology, the overall level of equipment manufacturing enterprises reached the international advanced level. The company has imported from the cold hearth in the United States and Japan, Germany, Austria and other 16 countries, 10 tons, 15 tons of furnace, 2500 tons forging machine, tons of free forging machine, MB22-T1 type twenty roller cold rolling mill and titanium and titanium alloy strip processing line, the international advanced equipment and a large number of casting and forging machine forging, rolling, testing and other aspects, accounting for more than 70% of the total value of equipment, the overall equipment level has reached the international advanced level.
        Is the basic processing of titanium sponge titanium, BaoTi group forging factory technical staff told reporters that the sponge titanium smelting is an important technology, is a titanium first one, the stability of titanium material involved. So melting is a big industry, investment is huge. The company is equipped with a variety of models from dozens of kilograms to more than a dozen tons of smelting furnace, with the introduction of Germany from 15 tons of vacuum consumable arc furnace, 10 tons of vacuum consumable arc furnace and other advanced equipment to meet the needs of smelting.
        Tons of free forging machine project is a strategic project BaoTi group based on the domestic aviation and key projects of large titanium rod, forging the rising demand and investment. At present, Europe and the United States and Russia generally also used 7500 tons of free forging machine. Enhance the ability of ingot billet, landing gear, beam and other large aircraft parts can batch production by direct molding, large forging machine, greatly enhance the production capacity of the aviation industry. Million tons of forging machine production will greatly enhance the ability of forging BaoTi group, great for high strength titanium alloy large size forging titanium rod, play a role in promoting, to meet our needs in the aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields a number of key projects, and with tons of free forging machine as the basis, actively expand domestic and foreign airlines the field of high-end titanium market, enhance the competitive advantage of product market, to further enhance the BaoTi group influence in the international field of titanium.
        From Germany, Japan imported 3.3 metre reversing hot mill column, 1.2 meter four roller reversible rolling mill, cold rolling mill and vacuum annealing furnace, sanding machines and other specialized equipment, consisting of the domestic first-class titanium plate processing production line. At present, the aviation alloy sheet 80% are BaoTi production, can meet with all the domestic aviation titanium alloy sheet. In addition, the company has 3500 tons, 2500 tons of forging machine, forging machine, rolling mill, bar and wire production of various specifications, for the aviation service. Imported from Germany, 3150 tons, 1000 tons of punch extrusion machine and various types of pipe rolling machine series equipment, forming the largest titanium and titanium alloy seamless pipe pipe production line, annual production capacity reached 2000 tons.
        Adhere to the road of technological innovation
        "Science and technology are the first productive forces". The rapid development of BaoTi group in recent years, an important reason is always adhere to technological progress, always rely on technological progress, and constantly improve the independent innovation and independent R & D capability.
        BaoTi group is mainly the development of China's titanium standard, and has a number of internationally competitive and independent intellectual property rights of the core technology and products, the main production technology is consistent with the international, titanium and titanium alloy products of various grades can be produced in accordance with the technical standards of GB, standard or user requirements, can also be in accordance with international standards of production. BaoTi Co. Shukui Wang Dingchun said: "all the titanium alloy at home and abroad can be found in the manual grades, BaoTi can manufacture. In addition, BaoTi after years of research and development, but also has its own material, including flame retardant instantaneous, high strength and high toughness, close to the pace of development in Europe and america."
        With the market oriented, BaoTi group have been developed with Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy large diameter bar and superplastic forming of titanium alloy sheet of aerospace structure; aerospace plate of Ti-6AL-4V titanium alloy large size products, almost exclusively by domestic aerospace titanium market. In the domestic C919 plane, the titanium metal composite materials by BaoTi Group Co. Ltd. development. C919 is the first aircraft to continue to provide a variety of specifications of the titanium alloy bar, plate and sheet material.
        Not long ago, BaoTi group breakthrough technology and equipment technology to produce the largest storm, in one fell swoop specifications of TC4 seamless tube, to fill the gaps in the market. The production of the new process, greatly broadens the product size range, shorten the time of development, the development of production path of titanium alloy large diameter pipe, occupy the domestic high-end market of large caliber, laid a solid foundation for future development and market development of tube and bar.
        Can the zodiac, under the ocean to catch turtle five". 4500 m manned submersible titanium alloy ball tank developed by BaoTi group, with independent intellectual property rights, to achieve the localization of key components, the relevant state ministries and commissions under the strong support, has made a breakthrough. The project has exceeded the width of the titanium plate, titanium alloy, forming the overall development of special welding wire and hemispherical narrow gap welding process of titanium alloy, electron beam welding, University component spherical bodies, heat treatment and machining deformation of a number of key technologies, to fill the domestic submersible and titanium alloy research field number of gaps, and achieve international advanced level.
        As China's largest titanium and titanium alloy based specialized metals research and production base as well as China's only full specifications, the whole variety of titanium material, corrosion resistant equipment suppliers, BaoTi group not only has an understanding of business, technical precision, high quality and style of the management team, and has a China class rare metal team of experts, expert with outstanding contribution of 2, the outstanding engineer 38 people, senior professional and technical personnel more than 500 people, college degree or above accounted for more than 50% of the total number of employees, with titanium and titanium alloy processing domestic first-class professional team and high-quality staff, to provide a strong security personnel and intellectual support the company production of the rapid development of scientific research. And to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, Central South University and other famous universities, maintain exchanges of trade activity and academic and research institutions frequently in Russia, the United States and Japan and the enterprise.
        Develop the market with quality
        BaoTi group around leading products of titanium and titanium alloy material, has been formed from sponge titanium ore mining to smelting, processing and deep processing, equipment manufacturing complete titanium industry chain, with the production capacity of million tons of titanium material, titanium alloy is one of the four major international professional processing enterprises, also is Boeing, Airbus, Snecma, Goodrich, Bombardier and other international well-known company important strategic partner.
        The company's main products include titanium, zirconium, nickel and other metal and alloy plates, tubes, rods, wire, foil, strip, ring, forging, casting, powder metallurgy products, composite materials and deep processing of products, a total of more than and 110 brands, 257 varieties, 6000 kinds of specifications, widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship and weapons, petroleum and chemical industry, metallurgy, power, pharmaceutical, marine engineering and sports, leisure and other fields, the products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, France and Britain, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
        The main production BaoTi group technology is consistent with the international, the titanium processing technology level represents the highest level China, is Chinese titanium GB, GJB main maker; participate in the formulation of ISO International Organization for standardization of titanium processing material standards. "BaoTi" brand of titanium and titanium alloy material is not only Chinese brand products, but also on the international market has become a high visibility of the brand, and become the pronoun of "China Ti".
        On the international market, BaoTi stakeholders confidence: "BaoTi adhere to the domestic and foreign market with both hands. In cooperation with Boeing, Airbus, Rolls Royce and other international well-known aviation enterprises, through their quality system and product certification, to obtain the pass of the international market. Companies from the experiment, testing, supply and other aspects of active participation in the development of the material supply of the whole process. Finally, to meet the requirements of the certification of the certification."
        BaoTi group efforts to build itself into an international brand, management internationalization, internationalization, the internationalization of the service quality of products with strong competitiveness of world-class titanium industry strong enterprise, is China's titanium industry development and the modernization of national defense construction, as early China from titanium titanium industry industrial power to power forward to contribute.


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