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        Name: Baoji Hongyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd
        Address: New Avenue 18 Road,Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Baoji,Shaanxi
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        Baoji is called "Chinese titanium Valley", the twenty-fifth China Western commodities fair and Baoji "China Belt and Road Initiative" Tourism Culture Festival held from September 2nd to 5. At the same time, by the Baoji Municipal People's government, the Baoji hi tech Zone hosted the 2016 titanium and life, titanium Valley Forum will be held together. China Daily reporter learned from the forum preparatory group, the West intersection will show 2350 pieces of titanium products, eye-opening for all the guests.
        Visit the scene to experience titanium products
        It is understood that the titanium and life, titanium Valley Forum activities mainly include titanium Valley Forum, titanium and living products exhibition, project promotion and signing ceremony, site visits and other aspects of the content. The theme of the forum is "titanium era new life", the main propaganda of knowledge of science and technology of titanium and titanium alloy, expanding the application of titanium, titanium consumption guide, create new taste, to lead a new life with titanium era; collection of domestic and foreign industry experts, analysis of titanium industry development trend, application of titanium and titanium alloy, titanium products at home and abroad show that the spread of titanium culture; guide collaborative research and innovation, promote the titanium material innovation to promote titanium products research and development, promotion and use, extend the industrial chain, promoting the titanium industry supply side reforms, to attract domestic and foreign businessmen to titanium valley development of titanium products industry, to promote the Baoji Valley China titanium titanium industry healthy and scientific development.
        This year's titanium Valley Forum is not only professionals and business event, and people's lives are closely related to titanium and life theme exhibition planning exhibition area of nearly 1000 square meters. Around the titanium materials in the field of application of related industries, showcasing the development status of titanium industry, according to the construction and chemical industry, automobile, medical, aerospace, household goods, ships, marine, sports and other nine plate collection and Exhibition products. In the display form, the use of modern technology to display exhibitions, mainly with cutting-edge technology, product pictures, application field of titanium depth display through sound, light and electricity three-dimensional form, outstanding scientific, interactive experience, enhance the display effect. In the product collection, based in Baoji, for the global collection of exhibits. At present, has collected 175 kinds of exhibits, 2350 kinds of physical, basic covers the application of titanium materials in various industries. Which focus on behalf of the exhibits are titanium and titanium alloy rotor aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, power umbrellas, motorcycles, bicycles, etc..
        In the show, the audience can watch the show wear model of titanium products; in the experience area of scene experience 3D face scans automatically feel glasses, titanium alloy glasses bring visual experience, but also in the interactive golf experience area personally the wave of a titanium alloy golf club. The general public is closely related with the life of titanium products including titanium tennis, chess fitness and leisure products; titanium pot, bowl, chopsticks, fork, field kitchen and other kitchen utensils; titanium necklaces, earrings, watches, glasses and other accessories; titanium, the "scholar's four jewels" pen, mobile phone shell, headset and electronic business office supplies series outdoor sports products; titanium crutch, fishing rod, bar headed golf products; titanium and titanium plate and other cultural products and other types of Wagner titanium series products.
        Open a window for Baoji titanium Enterprises
        At present, Baoji has titanium and titanium alloy industry research, production, processing, trade and circulation enterprises more than and 440, of which private SMEs accounted for more than 400. In addition, Baoji titanium annual production of more than 30 thousand tons, accounting for 85% of the total output of titanium industry in the country, 22% of the world's total production of titanium materials, the industry's largest in the country, the world's fourth.
        In the eyes of the industry, the titanium industry has long been a prosperous period, and now the profit squeeze to the lowest point in history, suffered a cold market test. Expert of the Ministry of science and Technology Department said, the lower end of the field capacity titanium excess in China, titanium prices in recent years have also suffered a "Waterloo", a lot of high-end titanium application field, still choose foreign products. It is reported that Baoji faces most titanium enterprises is limited to research ability and the level of technology, in the industrial chain of low-end position, to research the stronger enterprises, rough machining products, so the product does not sell good price; many enterprises and traders and international cooperation, not directly deal with the user and in product quality control and improvement, not to hear the most direct suggestions, influence the development speed.
        The forum around the titanium and life, is to open a window to the enterprise to understand the market demand. Titanium material is currently in the field of application is not as complete and as the steel industry chain, a large problem is not standardized industry standards. No standard to follow, means that enterprises can not control the quality standard, handle process. After all, the manufacturing industry is a long process of accumulation of deep processing technology, manufacturing enterprises need continuous trial and error. How to extend the industrial chain, improve product added value? How to carry out scientific and technological innovation? The forum, politicians, academics, standard units, will consider how to strengthen cooperation, breaking the way of seeking the real landing project.
        According to reports, the titanium Valley Forum also invited to the academy as well as domestic experts to make a special report. In addition, after the early negotiations docking, initially identified in the project promotion and signing ceremony, when will promote "titanium Valley 3D Printing Materials Park" and other 5 projects, will be signed "rapid manufacturing National Engineering Research Center of Baoji innovation center" and other 8 projects, a total investment of about 1 billion 700 million yuan.


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