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        Ensuring adequate supply of high quality titanium has always been the focus of the European aerospace sector. Recently, the first European aerospace machine titanium recycling factory established in France Clermont Ferrand, to reduce dependence on imports of the European region. At the same time, it also makes titanium alloy products more economical and environmentally friendly. UKAD is the first Holding Company of the ECO titanium company. In the construction site, the furnace has been installed, is expected to start later in a few years, the first titanium ingot is expected to be released in 2017. After the certification period and 4-5 years of production transition, is expected in 2022 to achieve full production capacity. European manufacturers, especially the airframe and engine manufacturers, want to get more convenient in the future. At present, the European manufacturers rely on Russia and the United States and the United States of imports of titanium. Supply market is often tight, and the global demand is expected to increase by 5% per year. For Airbus, Rolls Royce and other suppliers worse, from Europe to America to titanium waste recycling. The establishment of the titanium alloy recovery plant for the European aerospace market will bring change, nearly half of the recycled material will reach the aerospace level, with the increase in the level of R & D, this ratio will continue to increase. Purchase fly ratio (BTF) is 10:1. At present, the aerospace grade titanium alloy scrap recycling is used for low value. UKAD has developed a series of steps to keep the recycled materials in the aerospace class. In the future, it is required to remove impurities from the whole process, because in the process of cutting, the tungsten carbide fragments in the cutting tool will be added. Another potential source of contamination to nitrogen and oxygen in the air, because when heated to oxidation and nitridation of titanium, can use the "bed" principle to eliminate these inclusion.


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