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        In September 1st, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association of CTA, 2016 City Council held in Baoji of Shaanxi province. President, CTA, BaoTi Group Chairman Zou Wuzhuang presided over the meeting.
        The meeting, CTA, vice president and Secretary General Jia Hong made a summary of the work in 2016 and on the analysis of titanium industry market in the first half.
        The report pointed out that the CTA, in this year's economic downturn, the titanium industry form the general downturn in tough times, in-depth business, the industry are focused on research work. The first half of the year, has visited BaoTi group, Northwest Institute for nonferrous metal, ship 725, Chaoyang JINDA, East zirconium industry, Shaanxi, Baoji and other prosperous Sino industry backbone enterprises to carry on the investigation, grasp the operation of enterprise development industry titanium first-hand data, based on a comprehensive study on the investigation of the compilation of the "development China 2015 report" titanium industry provides auspicious real data for government and enterprises.
        On the other hand。 For poor demand for titanium industry, the market share is low. CTA, organized the "2016 China titanium annual ORDINS supply chain management and oil titanium seminar", was generally praised in the industry.
        The first half of the year, CTA, around the nonferrous metals industry tax adjustments "compilation of history" and recommended Chinese titanium industry, titanium industry backbone enterprises to participate in the review and report of scientific and technological achievements and technological achievements, awards and other work, done a lot of work for the orderly development of the industry.
        Jia Hong introduced the development of titanium industry in the first half of this year at the meeting. Sponge titanium production in the first half of 2016 was 29096 tons, an increase of 8.3%, showing the momentum of growth in raw material demand, raw materials to the production of titanium inventory of initial success. One of the main production enterprises of Panzhihua titanium and titanium group as Guizhou output growth greatly. In the first half of 2016, China's major titanium production enterprise production was 11912 tons, down 4.4%. Contrary to the trend in the production of titanium sponge, reflecting the part of the enterprise has been in the storage of raw materials or titanium into titanium sponge storage.
        Deputy Secretary General of CTA, Lu Fusheng on the "Chinese industrial history" colored titanium zirconium and hafnium part of the volume compilation work to make specific requirements and summary.
        At the meeting, the member representative of the extensive exchanges in the first half of the titanium industry situation, put forward to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between enterprises in the industry, to further expand the scope of application of titanium products, and made sure of the branch, put forward constructive suggestions.
        The Council has more than 70 representatives of the participants.


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