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        August 21st is the smooth operation of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Company titanium sponge titanium factory double furnace first anniversary. On the same day, the factory set up a double furnace operation of the longest number of days in the country, of which 3 chloride furnace running smoothly for 28 months, and continue to refresh the domestic running record.
        Titanium industry company since last August launched Operation of titanium sponge plant chloride double furnace again, seriously sum up experience, set up a special research team, to carry out a number of scientific and technological research, to declare the first half of this year "chlorination furnace longevity fruit" by the Sichuan provincial science and technology achievement appraisal. Through the research, the company solved the "chlorine distribution" and "continuous feeding" and a series of problems, improve equipment performance, optimize the production process, the technical index of chlorination furnace reached the design level, and improve the site work environment, reversing the double furnace operation early enough unfavorable situation for 2 months also, 10 patents.
        Start double furnace operation again, titanium sponge plant increase chlorination furnace maintenance efforts require post staff to firmly establish the "post is the first responsibility of equipment" awareness, daily inspection and maintenance; professional and technical personnel of all kinds of measurement instrument calibration, regular weekly overhaul of the chlorination furnace equipment package system, to find the in a timely manner; the quality of the law enforcement team every day in the process of site operation of chlorination furnace for inspection, the effective protection of the smooth operation of chlorination furnace.


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