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        Name: Baoji Hongyuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd
        Address: New Avenue 18 Road,Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Baoji,Shaanxi
        Mobile phone:15332275975
        Phone: 0917-3800816
        Fax: 0917-3969886
        E-mail: hyti@hyti.cn
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        In the eyes of ordinary people, titanium industry is very high cold, more applications in aerospace, deep sea and other special areas, or the military industry, and the life of ordinary people not close contact. In the eyes of the industry, the titanium industry has long been a prosperous period, and now the profit squeeze to the lowest point in history, suffered a cold market test.
        Pain points: "China Titanium Valley" visibility needs to be improved
        At present, Baoji has titanium and titanium alloy industry research, production, processing, trade and circulation enterprises more than and 440, of which private SMEs accounted for more than 400. In addition, Baoji titanium annual production of more than 30 thousand tons, accounting for 85% of the total output of titanium industry in the country, 22% of the world's total production of titanium materials, the industry's largest in the country, the world's fourth.
        The proportion that sounds exciting, but in fact there are many people know that? Some titanium enterprises boss told reporters that they are past and domestic trade enterprises, the other is responsible for the orders, many products are made in Baoji, but the middle turn a few hands after it was labeled a downstream enterprise trademark Baoji enterprises are processing. Go in front of the industrial chain, do the wedding dress for others, many local enterprises in Baoji has not create their own brand.
        Expert of the Ministry of science and technology and other departments also said an embarrassing problem, the low end, the capacity of titanium excess in China, titanium prices in recent years have also suffered a "Waterloo", but a lot of the field of high-end titanium material application, still choose foreign products. China's titanium industry, in the end the problem lies in where
        Purpose: a guide to the consumption of titanium science class
        The titanium Expo, invited ministries officials and industry manufacturing "coffee", University Research Institute Professor, jointly "cooked" feast of ideas, to explore the development of the industry, Baoji has thus become the hearts of everyone "titanium city".
        Titanium Valley Forum this year is more down to earth, Baoji New District Science and Technology Bureau of the person in charge: "this Forum gathered industry experts at home and abroad, trend is to let them pass to the forefront of international titanium industry entrepreneurs, local enterprises to participate in the international division of titanium, which need to remove trade barriers, etc.. Not only to let exhibitors long experience, but also to attract domestic and foreign businessmen to the development of titanium and titanium products industry, to promote the scientific and healthy development of titanium and titanium industry in Baoji."
        It is understood that the forum for global manufacturers and professional design agencies to collect exhibits. Exhibits all over the field of life, reflecting the trend of fashion elements, cutting-edge technology applications, concepts and other characteristics, from the consumer concept, the use of habits and other aspects of the demonstration and guidance. The exhibits can cover and contain everything colorful, such as tableware, accessories, and other daily necessities, swords, crutches and other recreational sports, femoral head, hip and other medical supplies, as well as the automotive industry, aerospace and chemical industry products etc..
        Expectations: to promote the project to adapt to the supply side of the project
        Facing the majority of Baoji titanium enterprises is limited to the research and development ability and the level of technology, in the industrial chain of low-end position, to research the stronger enterprises, rough machining products, so the product does not sell good price; many enterprises and traders and international cooperation, not directly deal with the user, in the product the quality control and improvement, not to hear the most direct suggestions, influence the development speed.
        Only to a higher level on the platform to do business, hard skills, innovation and cooperation, will regain the opportunity. The forum around the titanium and life, is to open a window to the enterprise to understand the market demand. Titanium material is currently in the field of application is not as complete and as the steel industry chain, a large problem is not standardized industry standards. No standard to follow, means that enterprises can not control the quality standard, handle process. After all, the manufacturing industry is a long process of accumulation of deep processing technology, manufacturing enterprises need continuous trial and error. The forum, politicians, academics, standard units, will consider how to strengthen cooperation, breaking the way of seeking the real landing project.


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